Evans 2 Design Group brings together the stability and security of a 25 year old professional services company with the energy & drive of a true technology innovator & entrepreneurial environment.

We value the talents and experiences of all of our people. We recognize the need to create a supportive, flexible culture where everyone can succeed and contribute constructively to the firm.

Our primary office is located in Calgary, AB CANADA while our service area spans across North America, and we draw team members from around the world.

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Life @ E2DG: Spotlight

"My work as an Architectural Coordinator at E2DG is new and interesting each day. I review new homes every single day from dozens of different builders from many different places. I always open new files that come for approval with interest and excitement, and I get to see everything from little starter homes to huge estate mansions.

It is the responsibility of our team to ensure that houses are properly sited and that we achieve variety and interest in all elevations and finishing materials. We always respond very promptly to our builders and do our best to provide solutions that are cost-effective for both the builder and the purchasing family. I know that my input influences everyone as well as the final presentation of each community. It is really satisfying to see a great new neighborhood knowing that I had helped to shape its character. "