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Land Developers across Western Canada like Green Haven Development engage Evans 2 Design Group of Calgary as their Architectural Controls Consultants to assist in the design & administration of their residential communities and real estate projects. This page is designed to help Builders to:

Preamble: Design Standards

Both the long-term value of homes in Green Haven Estates and the liveability of the community are highly dependent upon establishing and maintaining an attractive, comprehensive and high quality community image.

This is achieved, in part, by how well houses relate to one another and enhance the overall neighbourhood style. While homes may have distinct features, they must be considerate of adjacent homes with respect to siting, massing, exterior finish and colours – essential details that add harmony and a pleasing aesthetic quality to the community. This is managed through the administration of a thoughtful level of architectural design requirements for all homes in Green Haven Estates.

In order to obtain approval to begin construction, builders within Green Haven Estates must obtain Final Architectural Approval from Evans 2 Design Group, the Developer’s appointed Architectural Controls Consultant.

The process of Architectural Approval begins at the early stage of conceptual drawings, long before significant time and expense are invested in detailed working drawings, and ends with a full set of stamped plans and working drawings. A full description of the Approval process is found below, and includes by reference the Architectural Controls documents available by contacting the Developer through email.


Architectural Approvals

Each architectural controls design review involves an examination of the proposed home in comparison to the various elements outlined in the area’s Architectural Controls. The review is generally broken into a Preliminary Review and a Final Review / Approval, as well as post construction inspections to ensure consistency between approved plans and final construction.

Final or Preliminary Revisions Requests can be submitted at any time, in a similar manner as described here, and may be subject to a revision fee assessed to the Builder.

All Architectural Approvals submissions are generally made online by each home's Builder through the use of StreetscapePLUS - a web-based land management application used by hundreds of Developers and Home Builders to manage lots sales. Requests must always be made in writing using the appropriate forms.

SAMPLE Approval Documents

Approval Form
SAMPLE Preliminary Architectural Approval Document - 2011
Approval Form SAMPLE Final Architectural Approval Document - 2011

Preliminary Approvals

The objective is to fully review the preliminary design drawings submitted by the builder. We shall require professionally drawn scale (¼" = 1’-0” preferred) PDF drawings. Including:

  • Floor plan drawings done to the specified scale showing all exterior dimensions;
  • Front, side and rear elevations;
  • Material and colour preferences.

This information will be reviewed and returned along with design comments, suggested revisions, material and colour comments and siting requirements.

1. Siting

  • A cursory review of the siting of each home will be carried out to avoid exposure and relationship issues from the street view. Site lines and setbacks will be reviewed in an attempt to address potential issues between homes.
  • Suitability to the lot type and slopes.

2. Grading Review

  • Evans 2 Design Group will review grades, submitted by the builders for their homes, as they relate to adjacent lots, homes and the approved building grade plans for each phase. Alternatively, Evans 2 Design Group may set grades in the absence of submitted grades. In all cases the builder must assume responsibility for checking their grades subsequent to the completion of the final approval and prior to construction of their home. The builder shall be responsible for all grading as they relate to their home and the interface with adjacent properties.

3. House design, ensure;

  • Well-represented architecture, based upon the architectural style or styles outlined within the architectural controls;
  • High level of interest in form and massing;
  • Consistent details on all elevations, particularly high exposure elevations;
  • Meets all size requirements;
  • Compatibility with adjacent homes, streets, parks etc.;

4. Materials and colours, ensure;

  • Suitability of materials and colours;
  • Compatibility and variety in comparison with adjacent homes;
  • Attractiveness of the colour scheme;
  • Suitability of colour scheme to the exterior design.

5. Exterior amenities

  • Review of designs for fencing, retaining wall and entrance monuments.

Evans 2 Design Group will provide written comments to the builder / owner regarding the preliminary review in a structured Architectural Approval Form approved by, and made available through the developer (found above on this page). The purchaser is to fully review all preliminary information supplied prior to proceeding with Final Approval.

Note: In order to avoid potential delays or significant design revisions, we recommend that every home go through a distinct Preliminary Review, and subsequent Final Approval processes. Where a combined submission is made the fee for a combined review / approval would be paid by Centron Residential.

In cases where we obtain the submission of new or alternative house plans on the same lot, we will conduct new preliminary review & final approval. The cost of dramatic revision may be billed back to the Builder, or applied by the Developer to the Security Deposit.

Final Approvals

The objective is to complete a review of the finalized drawings and information submitted by the builder. We shall require professionally drawn scale (¼" or 3/16” = 1’-0” preferred) PDF working drawings including:

1. Complete architectural drawings;

  • Floor plans;
  • Foundation plan(s);
  • Cross sections - complete with all dimensions from subfloors to footings and subfloors to front, floor joist depth and rear grades;
  • All Elevations - complete with all exterior materials clearly noted and detailed;

2. Plot Plan - drawn at 1:200 scale

  • Include all legal information;
  • Include all house dimensions, lot dimensions, setbacks and side yard information;
  • Include all grade information, subfloor levels and footing elevations.

3. Materials and colours;

4. Final Approval Form – fully completed with materials and colour information.


Combined Approvals: As noted above, we recommend that every home go through both the preliminary review and a final approval processes.

Dramatic Revisions: Submissions of new or different house plans on the same lot will require subsequent preliminary review & final approval and payment of the approval fee. The cost of dramatic revision may be billed back to the Builder, or applied by the Developer to the Security Deposit.

Document Release: Release of documents may be conditional on payment of applicable fees and other financial obligations. Both the Developer and the Architectural Consultant reserve the right to withhold information associated with Architectural Controls or other Approvals until all fees are paid and obligations are met.

Site Check: The purchaser is responsible for checking the site, engineering information and land title for locations of:

  • Light standards & poles;
  • Bus zones;
  • Fire hydrants;
  • Utility rights of way or easements;
  • Catch basins;
  • Transformer boxes or utility pedestals;
  • Restrictive covenants;
  • Super mail boxes;

Inspection Compliance: Costs associated with remediation of any non-compliant architectural features is the responsibility of the Builder and could impact Security Deposit refunds or could result in additional actions by the Developer.

Or any other items which may affect the house siting or driveway and report any problem situations to the Architectural Controls Consultant.



Post construction inspections help to ensure consistency between approved plans and final construction. They are designed to help builders bring homes into alignment with a home’s Approved Architectural Design and the community’s Design Guidelines. Just like the Architectural Approvals on which they are based, inspections play an important part in helping create an attractive, livable community for all residents.

Current Inspection Documents

Inspection Form
Application for Architectural Controls Inspection (NO FORM CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - Contact Evans 2 Design Group directly.

Post Construction Inspections

Architectural Controls Inspections are conducted after the builder has certified that a home is complete, and ready to be examined. Each Architectural Controls Inspection involves a visit to the completed home, often involves photographs of the condition of the home on the day of inspection and completion of an inspection report comparing approved architectural features against those presented on the day of inspection.

Inspections are conducted regularly, and are typically completed within 30 days of a written Inspection Request – made on the required form. Completed inspection results are provided to the Developer for processing. Release of the results of Inspections are at the discretion of Green Haven Developments.

All Architectural Controls Inspection requests must be made in writing via email. To begin the process of applying for Architectural Controls Inspection Contact Evans 2 Design Group directly.

NOTE: INSPECTIONS CANNOT BE SCHEDULED UNTIL GREEN HAVEN HAS CONFIRMED RECEIPT OF THE GRADING CERTIFICATE ON THE PARTICULAR LOT. Once an Inspection has started, you obtain status updates or additional information from Evans 2 Design Group by calling 403.256.5123 x22 or via email at


In cases where re-inspection is required for reasons associated with non-compliance, a re-inspection may be conducted at the discretion of the Developer or their representatives. Builders may request re-inspection at any time once all issues associated with previous non-compliance have been remediated.

All Architectural Controls Re-Inspection requests must be made in writing via email to

All costs associated with re-inspections may be billed back to the Builder, or applied by the Developer to the Security Deposit.