At Evans 2 Design Group, we help advise our clients every day in all facets of the Land Development lifecycle. Our experience spans from market assesment and builder relations to community branding and design guidelines development.

We are known for our collaborative approach, our decades of experience and our creative methods in problem solving.

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Community Theming

Our client engaged us to predict the direction of architectural trends in order to position their new community for long-term success.

We researched & prepared focus group materials, developed concepts and helped pioneer an urban modern style blended with a traditional base architecture.

The result is a unique, refreshing and very popular suburban community with urban flair.

Architectural Guidelines

Our client had a strong vision for a medium sized suburban community and engaged us to research and visually define their vision in the form of detailed guidelines.

We conducted field research on various projects, compiled a photo library and developed conceptual and final design guidelines for their residential & commercial component. The developer achieved strong buy-in from their commercial development partners to create a central village adopting the unique theme, and thereby anchoring the community in both style and structure.

Their builder group was provided with unambiguous standards so that they could tailor their product to suit the unique nature of this new community.

Community Naming

Our developer client approached us to create a permanent name for a new suburban community. We selectively applied a specialized Community Naming process framework developed here at E2DG. Our goals included:

  • Deliver an impressive image that achieves separation from competitors;
  • Create positive and lasting engagement with the target audience;
  • Be easy to memorize / unforgettable;
  • Provide a deep well of marketing and advertising images;
  • Create a buzz and inspire pride, confidence and loyalty amongst the project team and all its stakeholders;

We took the project team through our three-phase process that resulted in a final name and an assortment of conceptual logo designs with which to begin the full creative process.

Market Assessment

A land developer acquired their first land position in a new market. They asked us to provide an on-the-ground assessment of existing development activity, product mix and market conditions in order to help them establish a clear direction & market strategy. We conducted local fieldwork, compiled a photo library and detailed observations on market conditions in our final report.

The client was provided with observations and specific recommendations on price and product positioning in order to optimize returns by filling latent demand in certain segments.

Trend Analysis: Green Building

A larger land developer recognized the need to review potential market impacts of trends toward greater sustainability in housing. The client approached E2DG to help them identify both the potential market impacts and to assess the viability of a wide variety of current and emerging ‘green’ building initiatives.

We identified a leading industry resource, and conducted research to catalogue and rate possible initiatives. We provided a concise report that included recommendations for high value / low cost green innovations that helped guide management’s long-term sustainability planning.

JVs & Land Acquisition

A landowner with a plot of well-positioned urban land was looking for a joint venture partner with a strong land development track record to lead the creation of a new residential community.

We were engaged to organize communications materials and make selective introductions to potential partners in alignment with the nature of the opportunity.

Builder Relations/Training

A smaller developer had entered a market in which we had years of experience. At the urging of their Urban Planning Consultants they engaged us to identify & recommend select builders to form the phase one builder group.

We helped to prepare a marketing strategy and short-listed select builders that were appropriate to the project. We made introductions, gave guidance on issues related to architectural standards, facilitated collaborative marketing discussions and provided ongoing general guidance to the developer as they marketed the community.

Finishing Standards Charrette

Our client had been getting pressure in one market from their builders to reduce architectural controls on homes in order to be price competitive. We were engaged to create a series of architectural finishing comparisons, with current market pricing.

We researched & prepared focus group materials, developed concepts and helped pioneer an urban modern style blended with a traditional base architecture.

The result was a spirited and collaborative charrette that created strong consensus amongst all stakeholders and solidified clear and justified architechtural standards for upcoming projects.

Design Guidelines

We have helped to develop hundreds of design standards for innumerable residential and commercial projects of all sizes. These guidelines offer cohesive choices, architectural consistency and uniform quality & character.

Our experience spans the spectrum from small rural acreage estates and resort communities to 1000-acre master planned communities.

Each project is unique, and design guidelines can be as thorough or as general as you like. We help you identify the standard, clarify it's content & communicate it clearly to your builders.

In follow-up, we can provide guidelines, administration software & services as required.

Multi Family Design

An Architect had completed a set of design drawings for a 4 story multifamily building intended for one of our client's communities. Exterior finishing standards were insufficient to meet those established by our client's Architectural Guidelines.

We took the Architect's drawings and created several embelished versions at a variety of price points. The result was a very compeling final design that met with the Developer's architectural vision for the buildings within their community, and a builder who was ready to move to the next step towards construction.