At Evans 2 Design Group, we provide professional creative services in support of the design and construction of great communities from Architectural theme, product & amenity designs to the branding & marketing comunications that support ultimate sales to home buyers.

Our experience spans from concept development to final creative output across a broad spectrum of architectural, interactive and print media.

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Residential 3D Rendering

Our client was losing sales while attempting to sell super-sized urban estate lots against much smaller and cheaper alternatives.

We were engaged to help clearly communicate the dramatic size differences between the two choices. We used our resource library to efficiently generate 3D renderings that provided a dramatic side-by-side lot comparison.

We created communications materials in which to incorporate the renderings and assist in final digital & print production for distribution to the builder group and prospective buyers.

Streetscape Designs

Based on our reputation, a newly formed land developer, along with their Urban Planning Consultant approached us to support an approval petition to the local planning authorities.

We were asked to create a selection of streetscape illustrations that depicted the exact nature of the product being proposed for different segments of the proposed community.

E2DG generated two-dimensional artistic drawings with watercolor effects within the limited timeframe to successfully communicate the proposed architectural vision.

Marketing Maps

Our client had several communities under development through the region and had contracted with a variety of different agencies for marketing creative. They had seen our work and approached us to help create uniform standards in their marketing maps – a central feature on their website & POS.

With our experience in preparing thousands of maps from CAD files, and our creative talent – we were efficiently able to help establish new standards and bring all mapping material into alignment.

The client was pleased and asked that we continue to prepare maps with the release of each new phase.

Logo & Brand Development

Our client used our Advisory Services to help research & identify a new community name, and the next step was the creative expression of the new brand.

We wrote a creative brief and organized the creation of over 50 logo variations from more than 20 different designers to provide a broad array of concepts. With active input, we help iterate on leading concepts until a final logo emerged that met with the clients criteria and approval. The entire process took less than 3 weeks and came in under $3000.

Interactive Media

Our small developer client had a three-phase community with a limited marketing budget. We recommended the creation of a single-page website, logo refinement & simple, yet colourful POS materials.

We recommended use of our plug-and-play interactive marketing maps, to avoid the high costs of creating this kind of dynamic content from scratch.

Over a very short time frame we generated revised creative content that demonstrate a consistent brand image, was engaging to visitors, delighted the builder group and met the client’s budget objectives.

Print Media

Our client had been frustrated by unreliable & inconsistent creative output from agencies that would seem to disband and reconstitute frequently. They approached E2DG to provide reliable marketing creative services including full Point-of-sale, interactive and outdoor display.

We provided creative content, project coordination and shopped for the print and sign vendors that best met the client’s needs.

Community Signage

Our client was experiencing problems with regular vandalism and graffiti to signage throughout their large residential community. They approached us to help identify and coordinate a vendor that could conduct regular maintenance, including a monthly proactive inspection & remediation program.

We used our industry contacts to identify a vendor that best met the client’s needs, helped design a new program and made a direct introduction to the client.

We also created new signage designs for marketing & traffic calming and helped coordinate their production & installation.

Elevation Designs

A medium-sized builder needed to create unique elevations specific to an architecturally themed community in order to abide by the prescribed design standards.

Due to our familiarity with the project and its requirements they approached E2DG with the product portfolio. We were asked to collaborate with their product designer to modify exteriors and generate both technical drawings and marketing illustrations to depict the new elevations in support of the builder’s marketing program.

The result was a new collection of innovative designs that met both the needs of the community & offered very compelling features to homebuyers.

Real Estate Website Design

A small builder was looking to refresh and upgrade his image. He wanted to begin with improving his online presence with a revitalised website, fresh thinking and a focus marketing strategy.

We held several collaborative planning sessions, conducted competitor and marketing analysis. We forged a marketing plan and a supporting website design to help the builder stand out from the crowd.

In addition to the website relaunch, we helped to refresh the company's image through its signage, POS materials, stationary and virtually all creative materials.