Evans 2 Design Group draws from a pool of talent that is not constrained to our local offices or to the conventions of a traditional employment relationship.

We actively colaborate with some of the best and brightest people locally and around the world to bring the skills & experience necessary to simply Outperform.

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Kathy Evans

Over the past 25 years the name Kathy Evans has become synonymous with high standards in architectural theming and residential design in western Canada. Since 1986 Kathy has directed Evans 2 Design Group in developing the theme, marketing strategies and builder guidelines for a myriad of successful communities of all sizes.

She leads the firms Advisory & Operations Services practice areas and participates in the development of the vision and the expertise of tomorrow.

403 256.5138 (Ext 102)
403 256.5138
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Randy Evans

Randy Evans has been at the center of the dynamic and expanding land development industry in Western Canada for over three decades. He has been a senior leader with Keith Construction, Nascor Industries and 10 years as Development Manager/General Manager with Genstar Development Company.

He is a recognized expert in all aspects of the land development lifecycle, with a depth of experience in both the builder and developer side of the business. Randy provides expert council and leadership to development clients across a diverse range of issues.

403 800.6644 (Ext 101)
403 800.6644
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